Fresh citrus, bosc pear and hint on apple complimented by minerality and the slightest touch of lemon. This wine is influenced by French and American oak to balance and add roundness, and suppleness to the pallet.  

Chardonnay is light golden in color and gracefully adapts to a divergent array of terroir. While France is the grape’s spiritual home, especially in the various Burgundy appellations, it also produces high quality wine in America, our vineyard source is unique and has an extra dry climate. It gives us that great flavor that makes us excited for this new vintage of chardonnay.

Price $35.00 / per bottle

We’ve always believed that fruit wine had serious potential, to result in a wine of complexity, precision, and the kind of deliciousness that makes you crave a second glass as soon as the first one is finished. And yet, after years of tasting every example we could get our hands on, we just couldn’t find one that lived up to our expectations.

So we decided to take matters into our own hands. The result, our High Mountain Huckleberry Rosé, is everything we hoped it would be.

Unlike most fruit wines, our High Mountain Huckleberry Rosé focuses just as much on mouthwatering acidity as it does the sweeter notes that most are defined by. That, we believe, is what sets this apart: Instead of allowing it to be defined by the sweetness of fruit, we leverage the natural mouthwatering acidity of huckleberries to amp up some of the finest Riesling in the Pacific Northwest.

The result is a wine that’s sweet and floral, but also crisp and refreshing. Lifted notes of lychee, orange blossom, ginger, and sweet spice dance alongside raspberries, red cherries, and of course huckleberries, all of it lingering with notes of candied orange peel and white peaches.

We have to offer a word of warning, however: There’s a serious chance that our High Mountain Huckleberry Rosé will ruin you for other fruit wines moving forward. But we’re absolutely positive that it’s worth the risk.

Price $30.00 / per bottle


       92 POINTS- The Wine Panel in the $25 - $35 category
              "One of the best sparklingwines fron the Northwest we've ever tried" - David LeClaire, Tracey

              LaPierre, Shelly Fitzgerald, & Christopher Gronbeck -The Wine Panel

       SILVER- Washington Wine Awards (previously recognized as Seattle Wine Awards)

Champagne, France may have the reputation for producing the greatest sparkling wine, but the truth is that spectacular sparklers are made around the world. And we like to think that our Blanc de Noirs can easily go toe to toe with the best of them.

The Blanc de Noirs style is a difficult one to master. By definition, it means that the wine has to be crafted primarily from red grapes, so it’s a matter of picking only the best vineyard blocks, and at exactly the perfect time. Too late, and the wine will be heavy and over-ripe. Too early, and the acidity will dominate, making it tart.

For this wine, we found the Goldilocks moment to pick, and the fruit was spectacular.

After pressing the grapes and making the wine, we then put it through a second fermentation in the bottle, after which we allow it to rest on the lees—the spent yeast—for a full two years. This gave the wine the depth and complexity that only the best Champagne method sparkling wines ever achieve. The results surpassed even our own hopes.

The burnished gold color of this sparkling wine immediately lets you know that it’s a bottling of unique complexity and depth—a result of impeccable Columbia Valley Pinot Noir (and a bit of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier) and two years of aging on the lees. Aromas of apricots, caramelized peaches, hazelnuts, crisp autumn apples and pears precede a palate of effusive apple flavors that are perked up even further with delicate, laser-point bubbles, hints of marzipan, and the suggestion of crème brûlée. This remains lively and mineral through the finish, and beyond versatile at

Price $48.00 / per bottle

2-Pack for $80! (reg. $96)


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